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メバチの赤身(Bigeye Tuna Red Meat)This Bigeye Tuna is wild caught in the local NC ocean. The trip is only 2-3 days, that means the fish is very fresh when it arrives sea shore. The body is priced according to the fat content. Akami (Lean Read Meat) is the least fat, Chu-toro (mid fatty) is the mideum fat, and O-toro (big fatty) is the fattiest part of the meat. The fatter the higher the price.
This is the lean part of tuna.  The least expensive of the 3 different parts of tuna, Akami, Chu-toro and O-toro.  That does not mean the tuna taste less delicious.  All 3 different parts have its own enjoyment.  


Also sold as Frozen Blocks $0.11/g  

マグロ赤身 Tuna Red Meat (280-300g)

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