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Please let me know if you receive this email.

I am creating a new platform for Please let me know if you do receive this email. Our website has not been operating for sometime, and I finally got the courage to create a new platform at for this website. I transferred all of our items here, and this site will be where you will log-in and submit your order with desired pickup time.

I'm hoping this will be easier for you to place you orders from this site. I also transferred all membership list on this page. From here on, I'm hoping you can receive any of our updated Newsletters to let you know when we are open.

The inventory will also be updated on this website also. I would appreciate it if some of you can let me know that you received email. I do want to make sure you guys are notified when I publish the Newsletter. We are planning to open this Saturday, 2/13/21, and I will update you on that the day before. On this new site, you will be able to create a log-in for your self to keep coming back to order same or new items. You can click on desired items into a shopping cart, and send us your orders. Be sure to click on the "Specify Pickup Time" to let us know your desired pickup time. Your order will not require any payment at the time when you submit your order. Please continue to use our payment protocol which is still CashApp.

If you don't already have the app, please send me a TEXT requesting the download link for CashApp to (919) 319-8860. By using my download link, you will receive $5.00 back for next time. The promotion is only for first-time CashApp users.

After you download the app, link your debit card. After that, you can make the payment to:


This Newsletter from the new Platform should be replacing our old Newsletter, but I'm not sure if the transition will happen smoothly. Please be patient, and let me know if you encounter any problems or notice something is not quite right.



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田中 珠緒
田中 珠緒
Feb 26, 2021


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