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build mode, optional missions, science facilities, achievements and many more features as well as a stylish soundtrack. The Random Encounters campaign is an overhaul of the original 2016 episode, The Lunatic Scientist. This is a return of a feature that was present in the first episode of the series: random encounters with other players, which eventually led to an encounter between the player and a scientist. However, this time around, the scientists have gone a step further and have become insane. What happens when you get locked in an insane asylum? Find out in this tense and action packed mod for Space Engineers!  The Random Encounters campaign is a mod for Space Engineers that adds a new location and quest to the game. It also adds a new type of enemy: insane scientists. When you visit a base containing insane scientists, one of them will be taken into the madhouse, where they will have to find and destroy a weapon. The player cannot leave the madhouse while the insanity progresses, and thus must find the insanity bomb and defeat the scientist. The Random Encounters campaign gives the player an optional additional mission to perform. It also adds a new Science Facility, 3 new achievements, 5 new items and 12 new sounds to the game. Currently, the campaign is in beta. I welcome everyone to test it, let me know what you think and, of course, if you have any suggestions to improve it. Feel free to check out the mod's Github page here or its modhub page here. The mod is also open for suggestions and modifications, please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments or on my twitter account here. This is a fully playable mod, available for download on GitHub and on Steam. ​ V0.3.0 - Fixed RHS link for MechLink mod - Fixed RHS link for Stone and Steel Module mod - Tweaked the starmap to place a little bit more objects - Tweaked gravity scale for the player ship - Fixed the window position when the game is fullscreened - Fixed a typo in "Insanity Bomb" - Fixed a typo in "Hello Lab-people!" - Fixed some assets V0.2.1 - Fixed the starmap when the game is not fullscreened - Fixed a minor typo - Fixed a small asset issue V





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Space Engineers Download Game Hacked olyadara

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