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ネギトロ用中トロ Negitoro Chu-Toro Bits & Pieces  
This portion is from Chu-Toro Section, and pieces are tiny bits and pieces.  We call it Negitoro in Japan.  This perticular portion comes in between tendons of the meat, and some are more like ground meat, but it is delicous to eat with green onion (optional) and wrap it with Nori.  Put sushi rice and Negitori inside the Nori, and enjoy the temaki sushi.  You will enjoy the melting fatty tuna.

Sold as Frozen in a bag.  Limited quantity.
Please defrost in room temperature water.  It only takes 15-25min to defrost.  After defrosting, make sure to use paper towel to remove excess liquid.  

中落ち Nakaochi Tuna Bits (B) (190-200g)

Out of Stock
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