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規格外トロ Irregular Chu-Toro Cuts  
This portion is from Chu-Toro Section, and the cut pieces are not uniform.  Some are larger, and some are smaller.  Some will consider this a bargain, since the taste is exactly the same as Chu-Toro.  The meat cannot be produced as a uniform cut due to some part of the meat having lots of tendons.  We clean and take out the tendons for you, and the result is irregular cuts, but still delicious

Please enjoy this Chu-toro as sashimi or tenamai (hand-roll sushi).

Sold as Frozen in a bag.  Limited quantity.
Please defrost in room temperature water.  It only takes 15-25min to defrost.  After defrosting, make sure to use paper towel to remove excess liquid.  

規格外マグロ Irregular Tuna Cuts (A)(190-200g)

Out of Stock
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